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Insect trap



-with fan and 400VAC3



-automatic sample changer system for 8 samples



-controller module






Rotation insect trap



-with Spiroplan - gearmotor, 230VAC / 50Hz / 180 W



-two collecting receptacles





MEKU Suction trap
Order no.: 10.0021

The insect suction trap may be used monitoring insect population in a height of 1,6 to 1,8 m above the floor. Using a fan of
32 m³ / min suction power results in a flow rate of 2 - 3 m / s in a distance of 250 mm from the suction center.

Suction trapThe trapped insects are slowed down due to a diffusor behind the suction openeing. Thus collecting of living insects is made possible. The samples are collected in 500 ml screw cap jars.
An automatic changer system allows using of up to eight jars.

Sample collection is controlled by a programmed switch clock. Repeated suction into the same jar as well as suction at different times into different jars using preselected suction times is possible. At the end of the single suction cycle, the changer system moves back into the standby position so that no dirt may fall into the jars during operation pauses.

A regular 400 V power outlet is to use powering the trap. Functions of the fan and the changer system are supervised by the control unit. An error indication is supplied on the controller in case of malfunction.

View insideThe insect trap is equipped for outdoor use. Four eyelets are mounted on the side of the housing to ease transport of the trap by means of two carrying bars. Another arrangement has been prepared for hanging the trap on to a front-loader.


Power supply:

400 VAC3 / 50 Hz
1,5 kW
1300mm B x 1000mm D x 1600mm H

Standard Equipment:10.0021 and 10.0020


- Housing stainless steel and light alloy
- Eyelets for carrying bars and front-loader transport
- Automatic sample changer system for 8 samples
- Controller module, switch clock



50 m mains cable

MEKU Rotation insect trap
Order no.: 10.0030

The rotation insect trap is a portable field device for monitoring insect population in a height of 1 to 1,4 m above the floor. Two pyramid-shaped rotating sieve cones are especially qualified for collecting aphids and other insects.

Rotation insect trapThe instrument is equipped with a protective motor switch and has to be connected to a 230 VAC wall outlet or generator. A switch clock at the power source enables time control.

At the end of the operation the insects are withdrawn from the specialized collecting receptacles which are slipped-on end of the cones.


Power supply:
Mean Collecting Height:
Mean Radius:
Rotation Speed:

230 VAC / 50 Hz / 180 W
1,2 m
0,95 m
1,5 m/sec
base: 750*750*400mm;
max. rotating diameter 2100mm

Standard Equipment:10.0021 and 10.0020


2 detachable collecting arms
2 collecting receptacles
4 carrying handles
detachable front cover



Switch clock
50 m mains cable
Spare collecting receptacles

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