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Order No




Starch-balance E 6100



base model consists of:



-balance-rack in stainless steel, alu-weighing basket and plastic dipping container



-balance system, 6 kg max weight, 0,1g max. resolution,



-EATON-Touchpanel, PLC, 5.7” color-display
 Notification of starch content and dry substance,
 USB-interface for external data medium



-app. for verification (EU precision class II)

6.430,-- EUR








Calibration for the balance system, EU 2009/23/EG

126,-- EUR


( in case of order we need to know the place of installation)



DKD calibration certificate for the balance system, EN DIN ISO 17025

168,-- EUR


Check weight, 1 kg, brass precision turned

62,-- EUR


Log printer (impact panel printer, Citizen)
-for order no.: 8.0020, incl. incidentals

530,-- EUR


wooden packing box, incl. packing material

on request







1 Pckg

4 Paper rolls with one ink ribbons for Citizen log printer

18,-- EUR

1 Pckg

4 Paper rolls with one ink ribbons for Epson log printer (old version)

19,50 EUR

MEKU Starch-balance E 6100
with integrated Computer
Order no.: 8.0020

8_0020_6The MEKU Starch Balance is based on the principle of the mechanical displacement balance. This method is a fast and simple way of determining the content of starch and solid matter of potatoes. Nevertheless, the results are of sufficient exactness for practical use.

8_0020_8The principle of ´'Lunden´' has brought a further refinement to this method, allowing to work with various quantities of potatoes. The resultant values are calculated and displayed on a small computer system which also gives some form of user guidance to the operator.

Results may be shown on a display, printed out together with additional information, such as date, time and consecutive number, or sent to a USB-interface.

The standard version shows the results of starch and solid matter on a touchpanel display. 8_0020_9When using the additional matrix printer, the consecutive number, weight on air, weight under water, weight rel. to 5kg and density are printed out as well.

8_0020_7The balance stand is made of stainless steel, balance system and computer are integrated into a PVC desk case. The dipping container is equipped with a damping ring, which leads to shorter weighing times.


Power supply:
Measuring Period:
Balance System:

230 VAC/ 50 Hz
EATON-Touchpanel, PLC (5.7”-display)
Win CE
app. 60 sec.
E 6100: 6 kg max. weight, 0.1g max. resolution, app. for verification
530mm W x 570mm D x 1280mm H
40 kg

Standard Equipment:


- Balance rack in stainless steel with adjustable rubber feet
- PVC desk with deposit place
- Starch balance with weighing-system 6kg, appropriate for verification
- Alu weighing basket, Ø 260 mm, height 215 mm
- PE dipping container with vibration damper
- USB-Interface



log printer (impact panel printer)

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