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MEKU Remain extractor for the residual sample


MEKU Remain extractor for the residual rest-sample
Order no.: 9.0256

The MEKU-Remain Extractor for the residual rest-sample consists of two main equipment-parts:

1. the wide coarse-extractor for a larger sample-volume
2. the following fine-extractor for a small sample-volume respectively the half-cleaned sample volume

MEKU Remain extractorThe use of the machine is for cleaning the washed and dried rest sample, which means, the nematode-cysts will be selected of the natural admixtures. That will be done by the most harmoniced vibrator as quickly as exactly.

After starting and adjusting the two vibrators, for the optimal frequency amplitude and the angle of the selection-course with the material of the rest-sample, the dried sample-material moves at the wide selection-course over the whole wide in a middle-position of it. Now the most parts of the admixture are floating in the container on the top, and the cysts are rolling down to the second, the small vibration course and than trough the final seep in nematode-container. The rest of the admixture will float on the top of the small course.

The casualties of the nematodes depend on the possibility of the alignment, the form of the cysts and structure of the admixutre, 1 - 2 % casualities are possible.


Power supply:


230 VAC / 50 Hz
1. 210 x 280 x 250 mm
2. 200 x 350 x 170 mm
20 kg

Standard Equipment:


2 pieces of container for selected admixture (large and small)
1 final seep
1 container for cysts
1 holder made of PVC for the cysts-container
2 main circuit cables
8 rubber stand



other mains connection as 230 VAC / 50 Hz

Remain extractor