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Order No







-incl.operating plate, pipette-tub with cover, and test-plates fixing device



-0,2 - 0,4ml adjustable (substrat)

on request





Combined transfer- and pipetter unit



-incl. rinsing bath and pipette-tub with cover

on request





Universal multipipetter E96



-for filling up 96-test-plates with and without test-tubes

on request











Equipment, Supplies:






test-plates and test-tubes look at ELISA equipment and device



Handpipetter look at order no 3.0070

on request


Pipette-Tub with Cover, for taking out (for pipetter order no.:3.0070;

on request


Operating Plate for handpipetter 3.0060, pipette tub 3.0100 and test-plate

on request


Operating Plate for 3 handpipetters 3.0060, 3 pipette tub 3.0100 and 3 test-plates

on request


Pipette-Tub with Large Container (for pipetter order no.:3.0060; 3.0070; 3.0080)

on request





Pipettertips for order no.: 3.0060/96; 3.0070/96; 3.0080/96 packing unit 96 pce.



Set of Membrane and Sealing Compound for 3.0060; 3.0070; 3.0080/ size a 140 x 145mm, 7 holes



other sizes: order no. 3.0180b 145 x 145mm, 7 holes / 3.0180c 145 x 145, 6 holes / 3.0180d 135 x 145, 6 holes


ELISA Handpipetter
Order no.: 3.0070

This unit makes it possible to aspirate a quantity of solution from a reservoir and to dispense it in the correct quantity over a test plate with 100 or 96 positions. Since the entire pipetting operation takes only a few seconds, this instrument is particularly suitable for routine investigations which involve a large number of specimens. The shut-off cock at the top of the instrument makes it very easy to clean, and therefore a pipette change is only necessary if there has been mechanical damage to the tips.

HandpipetterThe pipetting volume can be adjusted between 0,1 and 0,35 ml.

As equipment you receive an operating plate with pipette tub and test plate. This provides a permanent location for the pipetting unit, the reservoir (for the solution to be pipetted) and for the test plate - an arrangement which allows work to be done even more quickly and more conveniently.

Standard Equipment:
-operating plate
-Pipette-tub with cover
-1 pce. test-plate

You can order the unit also as single components:

order no.:

3.0060 Handpipetter
3.0100 Pipette-tub with cover
3.0110 Operating plate for handpipetter, pipette-tub and test-plate
3.0120 operating plate for 3 units
7. ..... . test-plates (
ELISA equipment and device)

ELISA Combined transfer- and pipetter unit
Order no.: 3.0080

The combined transfer and pipetting unit for the micro titration plates provides a most efficient way of quickly transferring pressed juices and reagents, and of coating test plates. Suitable accessories are the micro titration plates and the clear plastic tubes which are available from the MEKU range.

Combined transfer- and pipetter unitThe tubes have a filling capacity of 2 ml.The transfer and pipetting unit is particularly suitable for small and medium sized test series which do not yet warrant the use of an automatic multipipetting machine. The dosage can be adjusted from 0.1 to 0.35 ml. The unit is designed that, by means of a simple adjustment of the operating slide, the pipetting head can be brought above the positioning, filling and rinsing stations. The rinsing station with its rinsing container permits quick and easy washing without having to replace the pipetting tips.

The unit is fitted with a reservoir which guarantees at all times the correct fluid level in the outlet container. The reservoir can be easily filled and stored since a closure protects against contamination. Any number of reservoirs can be supplied as accessories.Combined transfer- and pipetter unit

Application as transferring unit: Transferring plant juice, that has been produced by the MEKU-Leaf-Juice-Press, from the tube (2 ml) to 6 test plates (6 viruses) with 0.2 ml each. A used test plate may hold the tubes. The juice is transferred to the plates with 6 individual working steps. For preventing contamination between different samples, the pipetting head is cleaned at the rinsing station before starting a new transfer cycle.

Application as pipetting unit: The reagents, that have to be pipetted, are drawn up from a reservoir and are dispensed into the test plate after adjusting the operating slide. The slide precisely engages above the three individual stations, thus a centric position of the pipetting tips is provided. The third station is used for cleaning the tips when changing the reagent.

Water supply: The cleaning station has to be attached to a tail end with regulating facility using a 13mm hose. The outlet of the rinsing container is connected to a drain using a second hose.

Standard Equipment:


-Rinsing bath
-Pipette-tub with cover
-1 pce. test-plate
-1 set of membrane and sealing compound

Universal Multipipetter E96
Order no.: 3.0209

Multipipetter E96The MEKU Multipipetter is a high speed dispensing system for microplates of format 96 capable of filling the whole plate in one stroke. The dispensing volume is preset on digital controls. Single stroke as well as continuous operation for cleaning purposes is possible. The filling procedure is automatically activated when the plate is fed into the acceptance.

  • - Dispensing system with 96 channels for microplates
  • - Filling time less than one second for one plate
  • - Dispensing volume adjustable from 50 Ál to 280 Ál
  • - Simple operation
  • - High precision syringe lifting system
  • - Two receptacles for microplates with or without tubes
  • - Flushing liquid preserving facility
  • - Easy to service


Dispensing Volume :
Dispensing Speed:
Reagent Tail End:
Power Supply:

50 Ál to 280 Ál per well
approx. 1 Ál
▒ 5% at 280 Ál
< 1 second per plate
6 mm for flexible hose
230 V / 50 Hz / 60 W
400mm W x 310mm D x 380mm H
17 kg

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