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Large Instrument:



Nematode carousel, with 16 rinsing-cans



-for fully automated separation of cysts from soil samples



-adjustable step- and rinsingtime, touch-panel operation, incl. high
 pressure pump



-max. 400g/sample, max. 180 samples/hour, max. water consumtion
 22 liter/sample



-incl. rinsing bench, coars and fine sieves



-Reference: SASA Edinburgh, LK Niedersachsen-Hannover,
LALLF Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Prüfstelle für Pflanzkartoffeln Gülzow



Delivery, packing and insurance,  assembly, commissioning and training in neighboring countries


MEKU Nematode carousel
Order no.: 9.0800

Nematode carousel during commissioningThe Nematode carousel is used for the preparation of soil samples in high quantities that are to be examined for nematodes. The arrangement consists of sixteen rinsing pots which are positioned in a cycle and are transported between the different working stations.

After filling in the dry sample at the first station, the sample is separated at the two following stations by means of a high pressure rinsing pump. Coarse sample particles are held back by the coarse sieve that is automatically removed at the following station using an end effector and transported back to the entry station.

The following three stations are used for evenly mixing the sample with pulsators. A sensor monitors the water level and provides for equally filling the pots up to their upper edge. Further stations serve for calming and settling of heavy sample particles.

The last but second station slowly displaces the pot contents by moving the rubber bottom in upward direction. At the same time an air flow, that is applied from above, actuates the cysts and rinses them onto the fine sieve.

At the last but first station the fine sieves are moved out of the machine, thus the sample may be rinsed manually onto filter paper.

The last station serves for emptying and cleaning the pot.


Sample Throughput:
Power supply:
Compressed Air:


max. 180 samples / h
400 VAC / 50 Hz
6 bar; 9 mm-coupling
1 “-connecting pipe
Three phase motor with frequency converter
Main frame stainless steel
PVC-tub, Plexi-glass rinsing pots
Touch panel with integrated SPS-control system

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