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Order No




MEKU Soil sample extractor, Order no.9.0253 as equipment is necessary



-for separation of cysts from wet and dry soil samples, method of “Seinhorst-can“



-controlled by microprozessor, automatical working cycle
-with variable rinsing time, acrylic glass can



MEKU High pressure rinsing pump for order no.9.0250



-controlled by soil sampel extractor, with water tank and float valve



Noise protection cover for high pressure rinsing pump 9.0253, PVC, RAL 7035


MEKU Soil sample extractor
with high pressure rinsing pump
Order no.: 9.0250 / 9.0253

The MEKU Soil sample extractor is a program controlled laboritory device for use in nematology. It works on the principle of the wellknown “Seinhorst”-can and is able to process dry samples as well as wet soil samples.

MEKU Soil sample extractorThe extractor allows best adaption to various kinds of soil by means of preselectable rinsing time, variable rinsing pause and a high pressure rinsing pump. The device assures reproducibility of test results with optimum separation of cysts and soil parts.

The high pressure rinsing pump is controlled by the extractor and effects the separation of the soil sample according to the program flow. Thus even clayey soil may be separated in an economical rinsing period. Due to the precise adjusting possibilities for the different parameters such as pressure, rinsing pause,counter flow and rinsing time, the results will be reproducible.

Water consumption is low even when working with the high pressure pump. Maintenance of the device is simple. For preventing obstruction of the collecting sieve when processing fine soil, a water rake may be delivered with adjustable water jets.


Rinsing Pressure:
Water Inlet:
Counter Flow Pressure:
Rinsing Time:
Power supply:

min. 3 bar
13 mm hose nozzle
adjustable continuously from 0.2 - 4 bar
max. 25 min., adjustable in 10 sec. steps
230 VAC / 80 W
720mm W x 360mm D x 920mm H
40 kg

Standard Equipment:


acrylic jetting cone with acrylic dome (for connection of high pressure nozzle)
1 pc. MEKU jetting sieve made of stainless steel with 1mm mesh width (for the soil sample)
sieve holder (for 200mm standard laboratory sieves - optional accessory)
PVC gavenor housing with base plate IP65 (degree of protection)
EATON computer with touch panel (Windows CE 5.0)
GARDENA shower head for cleaning work (with holder)
water connection hose (12.5mm bore, ~2.5m length)



MEKU high pressure rinsing pump (order no. 1.0253)
200mm standard laboratory sieves with 160 - 450µm mesh width (for the cysts)
extra MEKU jetting sieve made of stainless steel with 1mm mesh width (for the soil sample)

Hochdruckpummpe mit Vorratsbehälter

Specification of the high pressure rinsing pump,
order no 9.0253:

Rinsing Pressure:
Water Output:
Water Inlet:
Power supply:

max. 70 bar
max. 11 l/min
13 mm hose nozzle
400 VAC3 / 1,5 kW
650mm W x 450mm D x 550mm H
57 kg



Noise protection cover for high pressure rinsing pump 9.0253, PVC, RAL 7035

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